Seized Auto Auctions – Find a Quality Auto For 90% Off

Wondered why people can afford to buy high end vehicles like BMW and Mercedes? Seized auto auctions could be where they have bought their flashy cars. While there are always the wealthy who can afford to buy brand new cars from the showroom, not everyone can afford that. But yet, every driver hopes to be able to drive a high performance car like the filthy rich. Seized car auctions can offer such deals for you at incredibly low prices, sometimes as low as 90% off.

The cars that are on auction at these seized auto auctions are as the name suggests, seized by the government from criminals or law breakers who have one way or another broken the law. Some are drug dealers, while others are tax evaders and even some crime syndicate members. These cars are recovered during the enforcement blitz or from other means. You can find top of the range autos like Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, Porsche and so on. All of these are sold at depressed prices below the blue book prices because the government agencies are not willing to spend money maintaining and storing them.

A lot of times, the cars at seized auto auctions could have low mileage and are in good shape. So do not presume that since they are used and cheap, they must be in bad condition. However, be sure to note that such good condition vehicles would be hot favorites among bidders at the auctions. While the winning bid may exceed the starting bid by a few hundred dollars, it is still much cheaper than paying for a similar second hand car at the car dealership.

One advantage for those who buy their autos at seized auto auctions is that not a lot of people are aware of the auctions. Those used car dealers would often have some insider information about the auctions even before the common folks. This is how they are able to grab great bargains and resell the cars quickly for almost double the profits.

Be sure to always look at the VIN numbers of the cars you are interested in bidding. Run a check for more information of the car history ie whether it has been involved in a major accident, how many past owners and so on. Get a friend who is good with cars, or a professional car mechanic to come along with you to the auctions.

With a little bit of chance, you can find your dream car at the seized auto auctions. You can really save a stack of money from buying there than going to the sweet talking second hand dealer. Find out from my car blog how the second hand dealers get wind of the auto auctions earlier than you and beat them at their own game to grab your choice automobile.